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Pandanus Odoratissimus

Botanical Name: Pandanus Odoratissimus
English Name : Thatch screw pine
Useful part : Male Flowers

Cultivation : Throughout India, growing along river shores and near costal area and southease Asia. the immense fruit cones consist of several single, wedge-shaped fruits Pandanus flowers, looks palm-like tree grown in India, have a very fragile, floral scent and can be used to flavour foods, especially Northern Indian sweets.

Pandanus water, distilled from male pandanus flowers, is in style in Northern India and primarily used to flavour the phantastic sweets Indians can put together from so commonplace ingredients as milk and sugar. Although pandanus trees grow virtually all over the place in tropical Asia, pandanus water remains to be primarily a Northern Indian flavouring

Uses :
Essential oil from Pandanus Odoratissimus is distilled from the flowers and most commonly used in food and milk flavoring such as ice creams and beverages. this oil has a very unique & sweet fragrance,
The most elaborate recipes generally call for kewra water to be sprinkled over the rice just earlier than serving.

Pandanus Oil

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